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My Story

Welcome and thanks for visiting!

I am currently an Internet and Network Marketer, Entrepreneur and #PowerAttractionMarketing Tour Guide.

Before becoming an Internet Marketing Professional, I spent many years as a Chief Executive Officer and Manager, Educator, Councilor/Psychologist, Cook and Chauffeur of my household, AKA, an Active Stay-at-Home-Mom. 😉

After my kids were grown and I was resettled with a new husband in a new city, I dabbled on the Internet and found that in most cases, one cannot achieve a wealthy life style of independence working for someone else. So, I got a bit more serious about learning about Internet and Network Marketing in 2006.

Since then, I’ve had some really bad failures as well as wonderful successes. I noticed as the years flew by, that the Internet and Network Marketing landscape changed along the way… and changed drastically. What worked very well a few years ago simply does not apply today.

And I was not keeping up! I grew tired of doing the same things over and over, banging my head against the wall posting ads, spamming Facebook groups, sending copy and paste messages and having dead-end chats.

Heck, I’m heading into retirement age (with no plans whatsoever to retire!), so I was becoming desperate to find the missing pieces of a giant puzzle that I didn’t even recognize anymore… and losing hope week by week, month by month…
But I kept searching. I just knew there had to be a better way!

I started creating a vision of what I wanted my so-called “retirement” to look like. I knew I wanted to serve, to really start making a difference in people’s lives with that elusive “something” that I would be proud and honored to share with them.

I have big big travel plans, so my new thing would have to be portable too, so I could run it from anywhere in the world… which meant that it also had to support that kind of lifestyle monetarily, with both upfront AND residual income that increases automatically.

Just before I lost all hope, I finally discovered an absolute trend setting business and coupled it with Power Attraction Marketing to catapult both to the high heavens … now there is NO LIMIT to what I can do and how much I can earn, all while serving others and helping them to create their own dream careers, too!


I can now share what I’ve learned and help other network and internet marketers attract more prospects, recruit more like-minded people rejection-free to their team and become true professionals. I will show you how to use traditional strategies while leveraging new technology and social media.

Power Attraction Marketing is giving me the time and freedom to actually enjoy life alot more.

I want to help you succeed! Please reach out to me with any questions you may have… I’m here to help you.

On the Personal Side…

In addition to traveling, I enjoy experiencing the changing seasons, walking in the park, campfires and peaceful contemplation in our back yard.

I enjoy reading, watching movies and sharing cute and funny memes on my personal Facebook profile.

And my cute and furry “kid” Juliet and I have fun playing ball in the back yard, as well as taking some time out on the swing.

And while I always enjoy spending time with my husband Rob, sometimes I like to hitch a ride with him on the back of his Harley. We have some gorgeous hills, valleys and farm country in north and southeastern Ohio!

Let me help you overshoot your
goals in the right ways.​

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