How to Get Your Ads and Emails to Write Themselves

What if in reality, you have to do less instead of more to effectively promote your network marketing business?

How about this…

In that same reality, what if composing ads and emails that get results is easier than writing bad ones?

Would you believe me, or are those claims are just too good to be true?

When you start to understand how people think, your best ads and emails can assuredly write themselves!

And that starts with…

The First Law of Sales

Once you think about it, you won’t be surprised to learn that the first law of sales is

that your prospects do NOT want to buy your products or join your business.

You don’t want to be sold… NONE of us likes to be sold.


But, here’s the kicker

We ALL love to BUY!


When you make the decision on your own to buy something, YOU as the consumer have all the power.

Get it?

In the opposite way, when you are “being sold,” the power is with the salesperson.

So, this means that we all, including your prospects, want to FEEL like we are buying.

We don’t want to walk away feeling like we’ve been “sold.”

None of us want to be robbed of our “buying power.”

So, onto the next question…

What exactly do people buy?

And the answer is surprisingly simple…

People buy solutions that solve their problems on an emotional level.

Here’s one example…

Think back to the books you own and ask yourself why you bought them.

You might be thinking that you bought a book because you wanted the information inside of it.

Most people think of it that way.

However, let’s dig a little deeper…

Perhaps what we really want is the RESULTS or ANSWERS the information in a book provides.

We want the results that the book promises, the answers on how to solve particular problems.

That’s how buying works.

Understanding this is crucial to becoming the type of salesperson that says little, sells a lot and lets the ad material write itself.

To start getting your emails, ads and blog posts to promote your network marketing business to flow in a natural way almost effortlessly…

You must enter the inner chatter already taking place in the mind of your potential customer.


Know what’s going on in your prospect’s head

The most effective way to market, truthfully, is to understand what is going on in the mind of your targeted potential customer.

This allows you to let THEIR thoughts do most of the grunt work in promoting your network marketing business

… while you sit back and watch the sales come in.

Understandably, you cannot know exactly what’s going on in every single prospect’s emotional life.

You never know…

Perhaps a split up is happening, an illness in the family, maybe a lot of drama trauma at work

We just can’t know all these types of details.

Which is okay.

Because you CAN know GENERAL things about your target market, those that you want to promote your network marketing business to.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Once you get into your prospect’s general psyche, writing ads, emails and blog posts can be as uncomplicated as making your morning toast.

So, let’s get to that level of ease quickly. To help, here are 7 questions designed to pop your head firmly into the mind of your viewers.

The answers to these questions will align your message with what your audience

  • needs to see

  • needs to hear

  • needs to feel

… in order for them to take action in a predictable way, like clockwork.

Let’s begin…

As stated earlier, people buy products to solve a problem – they want the result the product promises.

You can shape your message to resonate with your potential customers when you understand what their biggest problems are.

What kinds of situations are they having problems with?

For example…

Let’s assume that you want to promote your network marketing business to network marketers:

What is one of the biggest problems that people in that industry have?

Of course – recruiting!

Here’s another one – dealing with rejection.

How about keeping attrition low, retaining people on a team.

That’s just the beginning… they are many more.

What is your market? Take some time to think about the challenges that come with it, and list every pain, problem, issue, and challenge you can think of.

This is will make it very easy for you to write your emails, ads and blog posts that hit the target each time.

What kinds of things is your target market (your potential customer) thinking about the future?

What are their goals and dreams… what desires do they have?

What are they trying to achieve?

Using the same example as we just did above, if you’re going to be promoting your network marketing business to other network marketers:

Typically, they are looking for a way out of their 9-to-5 job.

So that’s one problem, and the goal would be to get out of it.

Now, if you’re selling a health product:

What is it that your perfect customer wants to succeed in?

  • A slimmer body?

  • A healthier body?

  • A more energetic body?

  • What else?

These are all very different goals, but all of them can be used as major “buttons” you can push to get your market to take action.

Moving on…

What wakes your audience up in the middle of the night?

These are those HEAVY problems that wake people up at 2 a.m., and keep them tossing and turning way into the early morning hours, so this knowing this is very important.

For example … MONEY.

Many many people are living paycheck to paycheck and wonder fearfully how they’re going to get the bills paid this month.

Whatever your market’s issues are, you must find out what’s keeping them up at night, so that you can address that very real pain in the ads, blog posts and emails you write that promote your network marketing business.

When you supply your audience with the product or service that solves this issue in particular, you will NEVER have to do any hard-selling, ever.

Instead, you’ll always be in the right place at the right time, where sales happen naturally, simply because you’re offering VALUE.

What books or magazines does your target market read?

Which websites do they surf, what Facebook groups or pages do they belong to, and which online forums do they browse?

Answer these questions and you’ll really understand the type of information that is being fed into their brains.

If you know your market reads books like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, or other similar self-improvement or financial books, you should have a clear picture of that market’s desires.

It is absolutely critical that you “get” this.

You need to know what’s being communicated to your audience and in what specific language “type”.

Always keep this in mind:

If you create an ad or email message that people don’t click on, then it means that your message wasn’t congruent with what’s already going on in your market’s general “mind.”

When you know what people read, which websites they visit, and so on, your message will always fit in with the “world view” of your potential customers.

Does your target market watch TV? If so, what kind of shows are they watching?

If they watch YouTube, what are their favorite channels?

You’re getting it now… this is yet another incredibly powerful tool to use to get into your prospect’s head to promote your network marketing business.

When you see what these people see, you know what kind of messages they are receiving.

Eavesdrop on conversations by reading what people say in comments for even more insights.

Another thing you can do is join Facebook groups to see what kind of pictures, quotes and messages are being posted, and how people are responding.

You have a bottomless well of free information to tap into!

Point #5 – Watch and observe to understand what’s going on in your market’s collective heads.

Without this information, you’ll find it much more difficult to write content that jives with your audience.

This is HUGE because people always have some kind of an enemy, even if it’s only in their own mind.

“The enemy” may not be a person. Maybe it’s an institution. Maybe it’s politics.

Take a gander at the politics here in the United States.

In every election, you hear the same thing – Republicans blame Democrats for everything and Democrats blame Republicans for everything.

It seems to be just the way it is whether we like it or agree with it or not. Depending on which faction one belongs in, those affiliations opposite us are so-called “enemies”.

What is your market’s enemy? It has one, too.

It could be anyone… a friend or even someone within their own family!

Not “real” enemies, though… maybe just friends or relatives that look negatively on some of our life decisions perhaps.

Friends and family can actually be allies when it comes right down to it. However, those who evoke negative feelings about not being accepted or supported might be perceived as “enemies” in particular life situations.

So be sure to use that knowledge in your marketing messages.

Your audience is blaming someone or something for their lack of success and you need to know who or what that is to promote your network marketing business successfully.

Again, who’s the enemy?

Those who oppose your audience, cause them heartache, or clash with their beliefs.

This is an extension of the above discussion.

Let’s use network marketing as an example again.

Many network marketers are into self-improvement. When an email features quotes from self-improvement gurus or books, we know it resonates with people because they’re already thinking about the topic.

When we’re talking about getting out of their 9-to-5 job, that resonates with people because they’re already thinking about leaving their job, or maybe they’ve left their job and want to keep it that way.

All those thoughts are going through the mind of a traditional network marketer on a daily basis.

You MUST know things like that about your market to promote your network marketing business.

There’s just no way around it. But here’s the great news…

Most network marketers never take the time to go through these questions and list making steps.

The TOP marketers do, though, and that’s how they became the top marketers!

So arm yourself with these questions and you will effortlessly…

Create seductive ads, messages and posts that drive your target market to take action!

Once you answer the above 7 questions, you’ll find that your content basically writes itself.

You’ll essentially have every speck of knowledge you need right at your fingertips and can basically just “fill in the blanks.”

Once you answer the above 7 questions, you’ll find that your content basically writes itself.

You’ll essentially have every speck of knowledge you need right at your fingertips and can basically just “fill in the blanks.”

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. What are your prospect’s biggest fears, problems, pains, frustrations, disappointments?

  2. What are your audience’s goals, dreams, and desires?

  3. What keeps them up at night?

  4. What do they read?

  5. What do they watch?

  6. Who are your audience’s enemies?

  7. What thoughts and ideas resonate with your audience?

This process is how to get like-minded people interested in buying your product without that awful feeling that they’re being sold to.

Which means…

You’ll be putting the power into your prospects’ hands, and winning them over so that they like, trust – and buy – from you!

That’s immensely powerful.

Now, once you’ve done your homework by answering the above questions, I strongly recommend you…

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