Whew, It’s Been a Wild Ride!

Wow, this fall and holiday season sure has been a very fun and wild ride – I feel like I’ve hardly been home! Now it’s time to get back to work and even more good times (since the holidays aren’t over yet)…

And I’ll “restart” by filling you in on some highlights of the last three months.

My pupper Juliet and I began the fall season by taking a road trip to visit my daughter, Renee and her guy, Craig at their home four hours south.

They have 2 dogs, so it wasn’t exactly peaceful with all of them vying for our attention and each others’… but it was certainly a good time, especially since it had been a few months since I’d seen my daughter.

Next up, this same beautiful daughter (she wouldn’t want me to share any pics of her, otherwise I would!) scheduled a trip for just us two to Disney World in Florida, in celebration of my upcoming 60th birthday.

So, on November 10, we arrived for 5 full and fun filled days at Coronado Springs. I took this pic of the resort at night since it was so pretty in the moonlight…

But earlier, as soon as we got there, here’s what was displayed on our resort room’s TV when we arrived. 🙂

We visited four of Disney’s theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. Renee wore her fit bit while we were at the park(s), and we averaged around 10 miles of walking per day! To be honest, there were a couple days when I was a bit overcooked and she went back for more, so her average is higher then mine. Suffice to say that we slept well every night!

We just happened to be passing by during their “Festival of Fantasy” Parade, and got an excellent vantage point to enjoy it up close and personal.

Oh, the beauty of Pandora, the World of the Avatar, at night…

And there’s no way we could pass up watching the fireworks one night… What a spectacular show they put on – just amazing! Here’s just a tiny sample of it…

The video makes it look like I was farther away from the castle, but I was actually up close to it. Of course, no video can do justice to the show and fireworks – nothing beats being there!

When it was all over, the whole thing felt like a dream. Did I just spend five days at Disney World? Wow!

I came back down to earth at home…

But only for two weeks, because next on my awesome fall tour was Riviera Maya, Akumal, Mexico! What an awesome birthday season I was having!

The beach at our resort was calm and the water clear the whole week we were there.

Here’s a few more of our beach’s surroundings…

Hubby Rob and I go to Mexico almost every year, and have for about 20 years now. Inevitably, there’s an iguana sunning itself on a walk to the nearby pool…

Here’s this year’s pic of a random iguana hanging around.

This was our favorite perch at the pool. We were there every day.

Breakfasts at a Mexico resort can be pretty festive, and this one at “Secrets Akumal” was no exception.

And now that I’m back home, Miss Juliet is boring holes in my skull, seeming to say, “You have been gone a week – you will play with me now… ALL DAY. This ball will not throw itself, and I’ll be staring at you until you take ACTION.

We came home to Ohio’s cold weather and Christmas carols… Time to have fun shopping!  More on that in my next post.

In the meantime, Click Here to Come to My Party!

Oh, and one more thing… Please do comment below on what YOU’VE been doing this fall and holiday season.

Nice to be chatting with you again!

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