Barbie Zabel

You know it and I know it – there is no shortage of network and/or internet marketing programs, products and opportunities.

You’ve probably been involved in one or two, maybe many. You may have been told to make a list of all the people you know, including friends, family and even people like your local grocery cashier or bank teller (are you kidding me?)…

… And that “all you have to do” is get them to a meeting, on an opportunity video or phone call, follow up with them and somehow, miraculously they will close themselves on the products or merits of joining your team.

… And that it’s all a “numbers game”, right? That if you just work the system and keep chasing down your contacts and following up, the so-called “right” people will land on your team.

… But, most likely they were gone less than 60 to 90 days later, leaving you to REfill that open spot in your downline. With this constant back pedaling, replacing quitting team members with fresh new ones… building an actual team that STICKS with it to earn all of you a growing residual income has been near impossible.

While experiencing these awful and repeating scenarios, did you make any serious money? Or like most, did you hardly make anything at all, or even go into debt “trying” to make just a bare minimum?

I’ve been there. I ran out out of people to talk to, I didn’t know how to cold market prospect the right way, I have felt the financial strain of being in the red in my business, all while spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.

I know how it feels to be barely treading water (or drowning in debt) and how hopeless you might feel right now.

I am here to tell you that:

-IF you have the desire and will to finally win at making money online,
-Have the thirst to learn what actually DOES work on the internet (without bothering your family, friends or acquaintances),
-And will most certainly put into practice and APPLY what you learn…

(Does this sound like YOU? If so, then…) You WILL be able to turn the tables, get high-quality prospects to reach out to YOU, using a system that prospects, sells and recruits virtually on autopilot

And finally start building a kick-butt organization, earning the upfront and growing residual income you have only seen the “gurus” make until now.


Time is a very precious commodity. I put a high value on the time that I do have, so I can’t possibly work with everyone… nor do I have the desire to, contrary to what most network marketers do.

Because I work very closely with my team, I’m looking for very specific MUST HAVE qualities in the people I can call business partners:

-They are positive, happy people with great character and integrity;
-They have a vision of where they are going, or are open to developing one;
-They value personal development and are eager to expand their servant leadership skills;
-They look for solutions to problems and are resourceful;
-They are committed to their vision and follow through accordingly;
-They want to do something absolutely AMAZING with their life.

In addition:

-They have an interest in online shopping;
-They want to save money on the products they’re already buying;
-They have an interest in healthy “green” products that don’t poison their homes or the environment.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to make a shift in your income and in your life by working closely with someone who can help shortcut the learning curve and achieve success… then I’d love to chat with you to see if we’d be a good fit.


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